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23 September - 26 September 2012 Rydges Lakeside, 1 London Circuit, Canberra, ACT, Australia

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24th-26th Sept 2012, Canberra

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The future of ‘social’…

Government organisations around the world are faced with new demands, new expectations and a fast-growing array of new technologies and tools. To be effective in today’s complex, interlinked and fast-changing environment, government departments need to redesign structures and processes to capitalize on emerging connected technologies. This Forum has been designed to investigate the momentum in use of social technologies and to explore innovation in public sector policy making and communication.‘Social’ technologies are shaping the way government communicates and this looks set to continue as we enter an even more connected age.

The forum provides an open arena for discussion on the new networks and technologies that can be leveraged to transform government capacity. It includes case studies from around the world and will investigate how to adapt and continuously evolve to meet citizen’s expectations. This forum has been designed to ensure that organisations stay relevant and responsive to rapidly changing conditions whilst effectively managing risk in the fast evolving digital landscape.

Discussion will focus on:

Linkedin – anticipating future opportunity for the public sector

Facebook – exploring the real potential, insights from the developers

You Tube – investigating emerging opportunity– and how You Tube looks set to evolve

Govloop.com – how is this developing in the US, and what’s in the pipeline for application in Australia

Successful governance of social media– lessons from the US

Managing risk and innovation –insights into emerging risks within ‘linked data’ networks

An exploration of ‘generation C’ – the tools and platforms to watch

Web content management – future considerations and developments from US/UK governments

The significance of ‘social’ in developing policy

An exploration of ‘relevancy’ and‘engagement’ in the coming years.rs

Who will be there?

Public Sector Communicators, CIOS, Digital Strategists, Policy Communicators, On-line

Developers, Public Sector Web Developers and Content Managers, Social Media Strategists, Information Managers, Program/Project Managers, Information Technologists and Media and Digital professionals.

From Public Sector, Local Governments, Voluntary Organisations and Government Associations

Conference workshops: 26th September 2012

Post conference workshops are designed to offer delegates the opportunity to address specific challenges and explore relevant opportunities more comprehensively. Each workshop is fully interactive with facilitation focused on the requirements of the group. The workshops operate as a great platform to test ideas and concepts amongst peers and social experts. Places are limited.

Workshop 1

Managing governance and risk for social government initiatives

Social Media and Tomorrow's Government


As use of social technologies gain momentum within government so too do the risks, this workshop will explore:

•Overcoming lack of control – US Government scenarios

•Best practice governance within a more connected web

•Future internal social policies – anticipating how social is emerging and the impact on policy

Facilitator:Lovisa A Williams

Sr. Policy Advisor and Co-Chair for the Sub Council for Social Media Internet Steering Committee, International Information Programs (IIP) Bureau, U.S. Department of State.

Workshop 2

Social Media and Tomorrow's Government

This interactive and thought provoking workshop is targeted at Public Relations and Corporate Affairs professionals exploring how to utilise digitally enabled multi-platform communications techniques to leverage the power of information and better serve their communities.

The workshop will explore the following themes through a combination of in-depth analysis and interactive learning activities:

•what do we mean by digital governance?

•how are digital information systems impacting on social policy development?

•what emerging platforms are people using, and how are they managing risk and innovation?

•what are the future directions for government?

Facilitator: Anni Rowland-Campbell, Director, Intersticia


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Rydges Lakeside, 1 London Circuit, Canberra, ACT, Australia