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17 June - 21 June 2014 Grace Hotel, 77 York Street, sydney, NSW, Australia

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 18th-20th June 2014, Grace Hotel, SYDNEY



Investigating ‘3.0’ social media and the pioneering marketing opportunity Global social media network developers and social media marketing evangelists will convene to grasp:  

 Points of discussion will include:

.       The future of the ‘social enterprise 3.0’

·        Social strategy 3.0 – determining how social media is evolving and the impact for the social marketer

·        Impending changes within semantic technologies

·        A social strategists outlook for 2015 – what to anticipate and how to prepare

·       Emerging technologies – an assessment of future social technologies in the development pipeline

 About the conference 

 Future social media strategy..? Where’s social heading..

 This coming year 2014 looks set to host some significant developments and changes in the field of social media. It may prove to be a stand out. Social marketing strategy in the 3.0 realm will no doubt raise the bar in creativity and authentic engagement also. A majority of brands and organisations are on board with social media platforms and strategies although it’s getting harder for brands to shine in social media - where users are in the driving seat and will screen out anything that fails to interest them within seconds. Although with a deeper understanding and application of emerging social technologies companies can become more able to succeed through their social innovations. This two day investigation of social innovation and 3.0 strategy will assist in creating pioneering social strategy.

Sustaining a fresh social approach is not possible without clear insight into emerging innovations and their possibilities – this forum will gather those developing the technologies and the cutting edge social marketers who will share their anticipation and insight into future social marketing and ‘web3.0’. Debate will be focused on:

The evolving web, understanding the platforms shaping ‘web3.0’ strategy

·         The 2014 social shift – what technologies are emerging – from where- and what’s the expectation

·         Social innovation – what will it require beyond this year? What should the marketers be anticipating

·         Case studies of pioneering social initiatives – why they worked and their future evolvement

·         The social ‘3.0’ enterprise – insights and perspectives on moving into the next gear for social business

·         Worldwide social advancements – hear from the digital pioneers from the US, Asia and UK – how are they preparing for the next wave of social possibilities

·         Getting the ‘buy-in’ from the board to go further into unknown social territory

·         Assessing where next for organisations in the social arena, moving out of social comfort zones and into new areas of potential social success and benefit

·         Future directions for Google and Yahoo – what every social marketer should be expecting

·         Global social research and technology updates - insights into specific trends and social behaviour to assist in strategy development

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This conference, now in its fifth year attracts: Heads of Social Media, Heads of Marketing,

Digital Professionals, Market Research executives, Community Managers, Communication

Professionals and PR Executives.

Responsible for your organisation’s social media success? Then this is an invaluable focused two day exploration of the future.

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 Who should attend?

Marketers, branding and communication professionals, digital experts, CIOs, publishers,program/project managers, media professionals,business strategists, information technologists and advertising executives



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Grace Hotel, 77 York Street, sydney, NSW, Australia